Ꮬ About us

The Adler Lounge - Enjoyment, tradition and elation. A love of activity ans savouring of culinary delights from the focal point. The desire to create something special was the trigger for devising something completely new. And so the idea of The Adler Lounge was born. The Grossglockner resort forms the stage for a "get together" with a difference.

Ꮬ Our Rooms

Our Suites are equipped with every comfort and there is nothing to be desired. The magnificent view of over sixty 3.000 m hight mountains promises true heights. In addition, a great menu in the evening followed by the silence of the mountains. An overnight stay at the Adler Lounge with lasting memories. 

Ꮬ Culinary

When modern and traditional combine, a special style always emerges with a special charm all of its own! The lounge undoubtedly exudes this charm with its mix of casual atmosphere, cosy Tyrol comfort and modern design.

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Hausnummer 81
9981 Kals am Großglockner
Map +43(0) 4876 / 8233-250 oder +43(0) 650 / 5225180
Map info[at]adlerlounge.at
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