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In the Adler Lounge, varios components come together: the mountain, architecture and enjoyment. A special feling emerges from the combination of living tradtion with lifestyle. The aim is to offer guests an unforgettable time. The Adler Lounge invites guests to syvor innovatively packaged delights up in the lofty heights of the mountains. The lounge offers stylisch suites for those who enjoy time out with a difference. Individually tailored packages guarantee you that special time you need - a holiday.

Special places tell special stories. It is the special moments in life which captivate us and become special things we share with others. The Adlerlounge is undoubtedly such a place – one which charms and inspires.

Young, dynamic and full of ideas: what better way to describe Walter Hartweger and his team. He and his girlfriend Katharina are bursting with activity and ideas. Their aim of offering you a very special time does not end with the special location – in fact it begins right here



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Hausnummer 81
9981 Kals am Großglockner
Map +43(0) 4876 / 8233-250 oder +43(0) 650 / 5225180
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